Old Project, New Shirt!

When digging through my pile of unfinished projects recently (everyone else has one of those, right?) I found a t-shirt that was complete except for the hems. Wuhoo! Nearly instant gratification project. When I tried it on of course, I realized why it was in the pile of lost projects. The pattern is a raglan top (Stretch & Sew #205)*, and the short sleeves were doing this funny pointy thing at the hem edge. Not a great look. Made me look like I was wearing weird shoulder pads. But, having recently discovered the joys of hem bands (why didn’t I think of this before?), I had a good solution. I added a band to the armholes, just small enough to draw the sleeves in a little and eliminate the point sleeve thing. Here’s the finished shirt:


Much better! There’s a little bit of wrinkling on the front where the neck band pulls in, but it’s not enough to bother me. Plus, in most lighting, it really doesn’t show. The shirt is also a bit short for my taste these days, but that’s simply because there wasn’t enough fabric to cut it any longer. The scraps of the fabric were in the pile with the shirt, and they really are just scraps. The fabric is some sort of stretchy cotton/poly blend. I’ve had it long enough I don’t remember the exact content, but it feels great. Also, it’s pretty hard to tell in the photo, but the stripes are actually varying shades of metallic pink. Overall I’m really happy with it, and thrilled to have finished something that’s been languishing in my studio for 2+ years (at least that long, since it was added to the pile before I, and said pile, moved).

*I had no idea this was a vintage pattern until I tried to find a link for it. The pattern is from my mom’s stash, and I’ve had a copy traced off in my size since sometime in college. Despite the 70’s styling on the envelope, it’s a great pattern. I’ve made several shirts from it over the years, and I’m sure I’ll end up with a few more.


3 thoughts on “Old Project, New Shirt!

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