Needs More T-Shirt

At some point over the last year, my style has changed such that most of my old t-shirts are now too short for my current taste. So I’m starting to replace them, one shirt at a time. Since I live in jeans and t-shirts the majority of the time, I’m trying to sew some variety into my casual wardrobe, with some different prints and patterns.


First up is another raglan sleeve shirt. The fabric is soft and stretchy and I don’t have a clue what the content is. It’s leftover fabric out of my mom’s stash (yes, we regularly raid each others fabric stashes). As with my other raglan t-shirt, this one had the same issue with the sleeves sticking out at a weird angle. Instead of adding hem bands to fix the problem, this time I made a small pleat on each sleeve hem and secured it with a button. It’s a nice little detail that isn’t really visible in the photo, but I promise it’s there.


Next up is a shirt from a long time favorite pattern, Butterick B4745. It’s hard to see in the picture, but the shirt has a cool twist detail at the front bodice.


I have a few shirts made from this pattern already. Unfortunately they’re all too short for me now. I made them straight off the pattern, but that usually results in a belly shirt for my long torso. The length didn’t bother me at the time of sewing (this was several years ago), but like I said, my style has changed a bit. So this time I lengthened the shirt a few inches and added a bit of ease around the midsection. Much better.


To note though, the neckline is low enough to be indecent (for me, anyway). I actually used a safety-pin to close it a bit higher when I wore this. On prior versions of this top I just sewed the v-neck closed an inch or so higher. For this version I think I might add a small snap to close it up a bit. That way it should also double as a nursing top. That’s probably too much information. But hey, if you’re a nursing mom looking for patterns to try, this one is a winner. The fabric for this one is a polyester ITY knit. It drapes beautifully and seems to have good stretch recovery (something to consider for a nursing top).


Lastly, and most casually, is my own pattern. It’s very loosely based off a GAP t-shirt I found on the clearance rack a few years ago. I loved the way it fit and made a pattern off it, and this shirt is the second generation of that pattern. I added the hem band to this version and loosened up the fit around the midsection. The result is an amazingly comfortable t-shirt that is a bit nicer (I think) than your basic tee. It’s dead simple too. Front and back, and hem bands, that’s it. I’m not sure if the sleeves would be considered dolman sleeves or kimono. I should probably look that up. (Update: I did look it up, and according to Gertie I have kimono sleeves on my pattern.) The fabric is a very light weight poly/cotton jersey with a bit of rayon in it. Hopefully it will hold up well, as I think this shirt will be getting lots of wear once the weather warms up. Until then, not so much. I’m not sure why I keep sewing warmer weather clothes when there’s still snow on the ground. But I’m three t-shirts closer to ready for warmer weather!


8 thoughts on “Needs More T-Shirt

  1. Shawn

    Your shirts look great!

    I’m going to have to find that Butterick B4745 pattern. Made up it looks like one of my favorite RTW shirts and I would love to have other versions of it.

    1. pluno Post author

      Thanks! The pattern is dated 2006, and when I was trying to find a link for it I saw it for sale on amazon and ebay. Good luck finding a copy!

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