Wearable Blankets (or Baby Sleep Sacks)

My son is still at the age where it’s recommended that we not have loose blankets in the crib – thus the baby sleep sack. We got a fleece one for the winter that’s worked really well so far. But having only one means it has to be washed same day when he spits up on it, or his diaper leaks. While I do significantly more laundry now than I did before having a baby, it’s still a pain to have to wash something immediately so he can wear it again that night. Plus, he’s growing like a weed and I don’t think he’ll fit in his current sleep sack much longer.


All that said, I figured I’d just make a couple more sleep sacks for him. They’re pretty basic. Really, just a sack with armholes and a zipper. I traced a rough pattern off the one we already had and just sort of made it up as I went along.


The first one was out of some blue checkered fleece leftover from a jacket I made years ago. Yea for stashbusting! The separating zipper was also in my stash, though in hindsight I should have used a shorter one. The zipper (which unzips from the bottom for easy diaper changes) goes all the way to the bottom of the sleep sack which just makes it a little more fussy to unzip. Also, I forgot to lower the front neck opening.


For the second sleep sack, I made a few changes. I used a shorter zipper this time, and it ends an inch or so above the bottom of the sack. I also put in a zipper facing, so the inside of the zipper doesn’t scratch at all. I’m really pleased with the zipper facing. It’s the little things, right? And I remembered to lower the front neckline, so it doesn’t sit right under the chin.


Since both sacks are fleece, I just turned under a quarter-inch hem at the arm and neck openings. That’s pretty much all there is to it. He’s been wearing them both pretty regularly and they’re working out great! It was good timing too – he’s definitely too big for the original sleep sack now. Of course, I actually finished these a few weeks ago, so now I need to start thinking about making larger, lightweight ones for spring. I’m beginning to realize that sewing for a child is a never-ending cycle of making things and then making them again just a bit bigger. Ah well, good practice.


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