A very dear friend of mine is due with twin boys fairly soon. So all other projects have been put on hold while I try to get a couple of baby quilts finished in time to mail. I’m really happy with how the quilts are coming out, and will have pictures soon.

In the meantime, it turns out I can justify the warm weather sewing from last month. It falls into the March stashbusting theme for the Stashbusting Sewalong! Nevermind that I haven’t joined the sewalong yet. Minor details…

I really like the idea of sewing down my fabric stash. Thanks to a few fabric store closing sales over the years, my stash is seriously out of control. So, this is the year. There’s no way I’ll be able to sew through it all (I really meant it when I said it was out of control), but I’d at least like to make a dent, and at the very least prevent it from getting any bigger. So, better late than never, I’m joining the sewalong.

“I, Lyn, commit to using 25 pieces of stash fabric in 2013. I also commit to not buying any new fabric except for supplies needed to finish a project or fabric to make things for other people until the end of the year, with the exception that I can buy one new piece of fabric for my birthday.”

So if I’m counting any sewing done this year, that means I’ve already used at least three pieces from my stash – two pieces for t-shirts, and one for a baby sleep sack. I’m not going to count any fabric I’ve swiped from my mom’s stash.

And, now that it’s nearly halfway through April, I need to get cracking on sewing something bright! Just as soon as the baby quilts are done…


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