Garden Tool Apron

This is the view outside my window right now.


So, since I can’t actually do anything in my garden now, I thought I’d inspire myself by making something to use later. Like when all the snow melts. Since I have a tendency to put down my pruners while gardening and then wander off to a different part of the yard, I thought a tool apron to tuck them in would be helpful.


Those are actually scissors in the pocket. The real garden tools were all out in the cold garage.

The fabric is a piece of Marimekko cotton that I bought at a Crate & Barrel outlet several years ago. Yea for stashbusting! The waistband is actually from a pair of jeans that were converted to maternity pants last year.


I though the belt loops were interesting, and since I had to use a seam ripper to detach them anyway, to save enough of the jeans for adding the maternity band, I just ripped the rest of the waistband off too. I had vague ideas of using it for an apron, but hadn’t gotten around to making anything yet.


The apron is pretty basic. I cut a rectangle about 40″ by 22″, folded it in half and stitched it together on two sides. Turned it inside out and topstitched the bottom edge with a leafy design (since this is a garden apron after all).


Leaves! With pink chalk line for pocket stitching…

Then I just folded up the bottom edge and stitched lines up the folded portion to make the pockets. I curved the top of the apron slightly to match the jeans waistband, then inserted it into the waistband and topstitched to close it up and hold everything in place. Easy!


Actually, to be honest, my sewing machine kind of hated the fabric, so that part wasn’t so easy. The cotton marimekko fabric has a very tight weave, and for some reason, my machine was really having trouble with the pocket stitching lines (where it was four layers of fabric). I have an older Pfaff and it sews just about everything, so I was surprised it didn’t like this fabric. After re-threading, and fiddling with the tension a bit, I ended up swapping in a microtex sharp sewing needle. That seemed to help, though the machine still protested a bit. Had it not been for the fabric issues, the apron probably would have been finished in half the time.


Even so, it was still a fast project. And very satisfying to use supplies I already had on hand!


2 thoughts on “Garden Tool Apron

  1. hamilton chicklets

    Hello! We’ve recently discovered your blog and have been thoroughly enjoying all of your posts… so much so that we are passing along to you the Liebster Award! You may have seen this on blogs you follow (you may even have been nominated already!) and we think this is great way for our fellow bloggers to showcase each other and to give a big shout-out to the blogs we love! Should you feel like playing along, we look forward to hearing all about you and your favourite blogs!

    As an aside, where is Spring! That is some weather you are having!

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