One Renfrew, Two Renfrew

I’ve finally caught up with the rest of the sewing community and tried out the Renfrew pattern by Sewaholic. I’ve got other t-shirt patterns that’s I’m quite happy with, so I wasn’t in a hurry to find a new one. But after reading numerous glowing reviews about the shirt I figured I’d give it a try. And lo and behold, I actually really like the pattern. It’s not anything vastly different from my other tried and true t-shirts, but having the cuffs and neck and hem bands included in the pattern, instead of just adding them on my own, is a nice perk. Also, it probably can’t hurt for me to have found another t-shirt pattern that I love, since I apparently live in jeans & t-shirt.


I made my first one out of some fabric that’s been in my stash so long I couldn’t tell you what it is or where it came from. Looking at the fabric folded up, I couldn’t remember why I’d gotten it, and thought I might as well use it to test the pattern. Funny thing though, after making up the shirt I decided I really like the fabric. It just feels so springy to me. The fabric itself is some sort of blend, probably poly/cotton given how old it is. And it’s fairly lightweight, so the edges curl if you even look at them.


Wonky wrinkles by the armholes

Reading other reviews of the pattern, I saw a few people comment that the armscye was a little tight, and after making up my first Renfrew, I’d have to agree. There’s a little something wonky gong on around the armhole, and it feels a little snug to me. Not so uncomfortable or noticeable that I won’t wear it. But enough that I didn’t want to sew a second one until tweaked it to fit me better. Now, despite the fact that I will periodically draft (and I use that term loosely) my own patterns, I don’t actually know much about how to draft patterns. I generally just wing it. So that’s basically what I did here. When re-tracing the front, back and sleeve pieces I mostly copied the armholes and sleeve cap from a tried and true shirt pattern. It ended up being fairly minor changes – the armholes lowered and flared out a smidge more, and the sleeve caps flattened and widened a bit. It’s still not quite perfect, but close enough for now. And most importantly, this version is more comfortable.


The only other changes I made were to sew the cuffs and hem band on with 3/8″ (serger seam width) allowance instead of the called for 5/8″ allowance. That was my quick and dirty fix for adding just a little bit of length to the sleeves and body. I should probably go back and actually add the length into the pattern pieces in the correct spots. And maybe someday I actually will.


Long enough sleeves!

I’m quite pleased with the pattern now. I can see making several more of these. Actually, I’ve already cut out a version with the 3/4 length sleeves and a v-neck. And ignoring that the weather here has taken a sudden turn for hot, I’m tempted to cut out a version with the cowl neck. Speaking of necklines, I love how this one came out.


It’s such a clean finish. And there’s just something nice about the way the stripes worked out. But then, I like stripes. I’ll have to make a point of sewing up at least one of these in a non-stripey fabric. Just for kicks.


Bonus points, both these pieces of fabric are out of my stash!


9 thoughts on “One Renfrew, Two Renfrew

    1. pluno Post author

      Thanks! I think I got the pattern in February, so I haven’t been that fast about making it up either. I like to think of it as letting my patterns age a bit, like a fine wine. 🙂 Actually, I say that about my fabric too.

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