No time to sew

And apparently no time to post either. Sigh. Not much sewing going on lately, save for a project that I can’t write about yet. So, in lieu of current sewing, here’s the write-up on a couple of my new shirts from May.


The yellow one was first. It was actually the test shirt, to make sure the style would look okay on me and have enough ease to be comfortable with a camisole underneath. Sure enough, I added just a smidge more ease to the second shirt.


enlarged sleeve

The pattern is just my self-drafted kimono sleeve t-shirt with extra room added to the sleeves and body, and hems on the sleeves instead of sleeve bands. That’s it. Quick and easy.


Looser sleeves

Though it’s hard to see in the photo the yellow one is actually thin yellow and white strips. The fabric has been in my stash forever (yea for stashbusting!) so I don’t have a clue what it is. Probably some sort of poly/cotton blend, from the feel of it. It’s a very lightweight knit, perfect for hot weather and just sheer enough that it really requires a camisole underneath. It thought it would be great test fabric, since my “good” piece of fabric is also a very light weight knit that requires a camisole underneath.

May 29-four

The second shirt is out of this lovely black and gray striped knit. The fun part is that the black stripes are actually lace. I need to try this shirt on sometime with a bright or light colored cami, to see how much color actually shows through the lace. This piece is also out of my stash, and the shirt used up all of it. Nothing but scraps left.

May 29-five

a little bit looser sleeve

Both shirts are terribly comfortable, especially with the recent heat wave that’s kicked in here. I swear, it feels like we went from snow every week to a summer heat wave. The black and gray shirt has rapidly become one of my favorites. I’ve worn it at least once a week since making it.

So there you go. Two more super quick tops to add to my arsenal of t-shirts. And two more pieces of fabric to add to my stashbusting count!


3 thoughts on “No time to sew

  1. hamilton chicklets

    Love the shape of this! And knit tees are all I am in the mood for either right now (my renfrew and briar patterns are getting quite a workout lately). Looking forward to the project you can’t talk about!

    1. pluno Post author

      Thanks! I think I might need to make a few more Renfrew tops too. Maybe this will be the year I actually work through my knits stash.

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