Not Dead, Just Gardening

My garden has been taking up nearly all my spare time lately, so not much sewing has been going on. However my garden apron has been getting daily use! More use than anything else I’ve sewn lately.

In my small bits of extra time I decided it’s high time to start making some clothes for my son. While he’s still very little, he’s past the point where making clothes for him feels like sewing doll clothes. I recently got a copy of Sewing For Boys from the library. I’ve seen it mentioned on a few other blogs (most recently on Blogless Anna, where she made a very cute boys hat) and thought it was worth checking out. Many of the patterns are for older boys, but there are a handful with sizing for those under 1 year old.

I decided to try out the Mr. Two-Face pants pattern. Pants are quick and easy, and kiddo is pretty hard on the pants he’s got, now that he’s crawling everywhere. Also, I thought it would be nice to finally have pants that fit him well. He’s pretty long compared to his weight, so most pants are too short. Plus, I’ve got him in cloth diapers which are a good bit bulkier than the disposables, so there needs to be a little extra room in the seat to accommodate the diaper bubble butt.


That said, I figured I’d just make the pants up straight off the pattern for the first go round. Kiddo is solidly in 12 month size commercial clothing (despite not being 12 months yet), so I cut out the 12 month size pattern. That was a mistake. Apparently the sizing in this book is much more accurate than commercial clothing. Really, I should have known that. I don’t think I’ve ever been then same pattern size as commercial clothing size. The pants are definitely too big for him right now. Conveniently, babies grow. So at some point (probably around 12 months) these should fit him fine.


“Hey Mom, these are kinda big, don’t you think?”

The pattern actually calls for making each leg in a different color, and adding a pocket to the back. I didn’t bother with any of that as I wanted to see how the pants fit first. I used some scraps of an old piece of cotton interlock to make this pair. That’s a definite perk of baby and kid sewing by the way – using up those pieces of fabric that are too big to get rid of, but too small to make any kind of adult garment out of. This particular scrap had some faded fold lines that were right in the middle of the piece. Since there wasn’t enough fabric to cut around them, I decided to make them a design element. I laid out the pieces so the fade lines were (almost) centered on the front of the legs. Then before putting the pants together, I ran some decorative stitching down the fade lines to help disguise them. I used the same stitch for the hem. I think it looks okay, better than the fade lines at least. And hey, kiddo can’t even talk yet, so it’s not like he’s going to protest.


Another added bonus of this project is that it used up a chunk (albeit a small one) of stash fabric! Next up, I’m planning on trying out the romper pattern from Sewing For Boys. Since it’s supposed to be in the 90’s (and therefore too hot to garden) for the next week or so, I might actually get some sewing done.


2 thoughts on “Not Dead, Just Gardening

  1. Blogless Anna

    When sewing children’s clothes I constantly make things too big and find myself using the phrase ‘room for growing!’. As well as books, I love borrowing the Burda magazine from the library. I don’t often sew the patterns, but it’s good to browse. Looking forward to seeing your son’s new romper when it’s done.


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