Monthly Archives: October 2013

What I’ve been up to lately…

Almost no sewing. Sigh.

Lots of cleaning. Bigger sigh. But at least some of it’s been in my studio.

And most recently, helping my parents with flood cleanup at their house. My mom’s sewing studio is in their basement, and unfortunately everything within a few inches of the floor got wet. Including fabric and supplies that were in boxes on the floor or on any of the bottom shelves. Quite the mess. Thankfully, the water level was measured in inches and not feet, otherwise the damage would have been much worse. That said, I’ve been spending lots of time helping with cleanup at their house, and bringing home trash bags full of wet fabric to be washed.

It is however, giving my mom and I both a good look at what fabric she’s got in her stash. So I think that once her studio is put back to rights, she’ll be on a kick to sew down some of her stash. Which is good, because I’d like to sew down my stash too, and we’re both more likely to work on that with encouragement from the other.

Lots of end of summer canning and gardening have also been eating into my free time (what little of it there is with a toddler). But we had our first hard frost here a few nights ago, so the garden is mostly done. Now I just have to do something with the piles of green tomatos all over my kitchen counters. Thankfully, they’ll keep a bit better than peaches, so I can probably start getting in some more sewing time.

And, since what would a post be without at least a couple of pictures, here’s the very little bit of sewing that I did manage to squeeze into the last month or so.


I finally finished a few unfinished items that have been hanging around the studio.


I had cut out two t-shirts off my latest favorite self-drafted pattern. I think I have four or five shirts off this pattern now, and I’ve been wearing them to death. Literally, in one case. The fabric really isn’t holding up well. Sigh. Anyway, the first shirt was out of this really cool border print fabric. Problem was that the border print went in the opposite direction of the stretch. Who’s bright idea was that? Oh, and the fabric shrank terribly in the wash, so I had to cut creatively. I actually used a scrap of the selvedge to bind the neckline. Also, the hem band is out of a completely different fabric – I had nothing but teeny tiny scraps left after cutting out the shirt front and back. To accommodate for the lack of stretch, I added a couple inches of width to the shirt front and back, and a few tiny gathers at the front neckline to bring it back in. The fabric was light enough that I figured it would drape okay.


This next shirt is the exact same pattern. This fabric however was much easier to work with, didn’t shrink in the wash, and has stretch going the way you’d expect it to. You can’t really see it in the photos, but the fabric is actually a burnout print (little burned out or sheer areas are scattered through the print).


I’ll confess, I actually finished these shirts sometime in August and have been wearing them steadily in the remains of the summer heat. It just took me a while to get photos, and then even longer to upload said photos. Whoops. Better late than never I suppose.


Please ignore the weird facial expression. My son was being very entertaining while I was trying to take these photos.

Lastly, I finally finished this dress shirt that’s been lurking on my dress form for a while. I think it may be my new go-to button down shirt pattern, after I make a few more tweaks. I’ll save writing about it for a separate post, once I work out the rest of the kinks with the pattern.

With the cooler weather these days, and my rather inadequate cooler weather wardrobe, I’m excited to get back into my studio and do some serious sewing. So much fabric to sew, so little time!