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Starting Over

So. The last time I posted here was around the same time my brother ended up in the hospital for a week. It was very scary. After lots of worrying that I’d lose him, posting here just didn’t seem that important anymore.

Things have since gone sortof back to normal. He needs a new kidney, but is otherwise healthy, and dealing with all of this amazingly well. My family has pretty much settled into this new reality, and we’re all very grateful for modern medicine.

That said, by the time things started to seem normal again, I felt like I’d been gone too long to come back here and try writing again. But, it’s a new year now. Well, a month into it, really. Anyway, I figured I either needed to start posting again now, or never.

So, I’m just going to start over here. I don’t have any pictures to post, or anything terribly exciting or informative to write. I just thought I ought to write something. There it is. Happy (late) new year. It’s a year of new beginnings. In fact, I’ve got to get a baby quilt made for some friends who are expecting a new beginning here in the next week! Off to sew.


Here goes nothing…

You know how you work on a project, tweak it, adjust it, and mess with it until it’s just perfect? And then a year and a half later you can’t remember what the heck you did, or how to possibly duplicate it? Well, this blog is my attempt to fix that for myself. Hopefully writing this will encourage me to actually take notes along the way when I’m sewing a new pattern, or whatever other project tickles my fancy. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually start taking pictures of all my finished objects. For years now I’ve been telling myself I need to photograph projects for my records. Especially the projects that go right out the door as soon as they’re finished (baby quilts, anyone?).

So here we go. Now I just have to figure out how to add photos to a post…