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Pattern Testing – Nautilis Swimsuit

I made a swimsuit! I’d been thinking about making one for a while, so when I saw that Seamstress Erin was looking for pattern testers for her new swimsuit pattern I jumped at the chance. Nevermind that it was still cold and rainy here when I was sewing the suit…

Eek! Swimsuit photograph!

Eek! Swimsuit photograph!

This is my first time sewing with swimsuit knits, and I’ll admit being a little apprehensive, despite plenty of experience sewing knits in general. I needn’t have worried. This was a quick easy project. I suspect there will be more swimsuits in my future. Actually I’d really like to make a tankini version, as that’s my swimsuit style of choice. It sounds like that will be discussed in the upcoming sewalong Erin is going to run.


So, I know there are lots of great swimsuit patterns out there these days. I’ve certainly been drooling over a few of them. Having only sewn up the Nautilus so far, I can’t comment on how it compares to other patterns out there. I will say though, that for someone sewing there first swimsuit, this pattern had great directions. Very clear and well explained. Lots of diagrams, and a section at the beginning with some helpful tips for sewing with swimsuit knits.

So, obviously I made the two piece version. I have a really long torso, and have never had any luck buying tank suits, so I’m out of the habit of wearing them. Although, that’s the beauty of being able to make my own I suppose. Now I can have a tank suit that fits it I want to! I opted to tie the straps at the neck, halter style, rather than fiddle with attaching them to the back band. I may go back and change that. Haven’t decided yet.


As to fit, the pattern is great. The bottom piece fits me perfectly. Seriously. I’ve never had a purchased suit fit anywhere near that good. I was so surprised when I tried it on. Just couldn’t get over the fact that it fit so well. Actually, I think I might try using the pattern to make underwear with. Why not? Anyway, I picked rather drastically different sizes for the top and bottom, based on the sizing chart. As it turns out, I should have sewn an even smaller size for the top. Need I mention that I’m very pear shaped? The sizing chart went through a few changes during the pattern testing process, and I chose my sizes based on the first version. I suspect a top sewn based on the final sewing chart will fit perfectly. That’s not to say my top didn’t fit me. It will work just fine for pool use. But it is a smidge loose on the sides, so I won’t be wearing it in the wave pool at Water World anytime soon. I suppose I would recommend sizing down, if one is between sizes. Swimsuit material does stretch, after all.


My fabric was a standard swimsuit knit, nothing special there. And regular swimsuit lining. Oh yea, did I mention the suit is fully lined? Maybe that’s standard with swimsuits, I don’t know. But I definitely like that the suit is lined. Oh, and despite how it may look in the pictures, the suit is actually a really rich navy blue color. It was far too cold out to do any kind of outdoor photos, so the sub par lighting in my entryway had to make do.

There’s not much else to say about the Nautilus pattern. It was a quick easy project, with great directions, and very satisfying results. And now that it’s finally gotten hot in my neck of the woods, I need to get myself to the pool!